The Value of Darkness and Light in Your Business

In the north of Scotland in wintertime, it is dark by 4pm, and not properly light again until after 8am. Many people find this a challenge, but it is of course compensated for by very long summer evenings, when the sun rises about 3am, and doesn’ t really set until about 11pm. I reorganise my schedule during the winter so I can easily get out in the daytime. This applies to businesses too, so how much time do you spend in the daylight and nightime of your business? Continue reading

How to Make Every Working Day a Joyous One

My friend was in tears. Her friend, whom I had met only once briefly, had died after a long and hard struggle with breast cancer.

“She was so beautiful and talented, it seems such a waste!” Megan cried. And of course it was. I reminded Megan of what her friend had said, just days before she passed away: “Never make it a labour, only make it a joy”. Continue reading

Thinking Rich Talk

Earlier this week I gave a talk to the Moray Women @ Work branch of the WEA.

It was all about how thinking rich could give you a good experience in your daily working life. At least, that was what it was supposed to be about!

Within the first ten minutes I realised I had made some assumptions about this group of women which were not being borne out.  What’s more, the talk I had prepared wasn’t going to address their needs! Continue reading