Why Letting Go of ‘Stuff’ is Good for Your Business


You’re probably aware if you have too much stuff in your house or office.  At the worst end of the scale you might only be able to move around via a little path through the mound of furniture, papers, stuff to be filed, office equipment, piles of ‘useful’ magazines, printers waiting to be mended, things that haven’t been put in their place, or don’t even have a place to which they belong.  For most people it’s not quite as bad as the ‘little path’ scenario, but still, when you can’t see clear, clean surfaces around you, particularly in your office, then it’s a sign that there is room for improvement. Continue reading

Piles of Paper – Friend or Foe?

There are many different kinds of filing systems and one of the most common is piles. Piles of paper that is. Look around your office or desktop (real or computer) now – do you have piles? Do you know what is in them? Can you, with your hand on your heart, say that you can find anything you want? If not, then read on. Continue reading