Why You Don’t Have More Clients and What To Do About It From the Inside Out

I’m doing everything I should be doing, putting fliers out, advertising my services, talking to people about what I do, got a website, and still I only see just enough clients – what am I doing wrong?” Continue reading

Discover why your ideal client can be your lifesaver

Why do you need ideal clients?  Why won’t just anyone do?  Surely your service or product is so brilliant that everyone could benefit from using it?  It might seem that way in theory, but in practice, knowing who your ideal client or customer is, and focusing your work towards that person, is one of the most easily identifiable ways of growing your business. Continue reading

Getting Out of Your Own Way

– letting go of struggle and effort

It’s very common to see business people, especially these days, putting in the hours, working hard and generally not enjoying themselves very much.  Especially if you have a belief that good things only come to those who work hard, then that’s the experience you’ll have.

If you knew there was an easier way to get what you wanted, wouldn’t you want to know?  Well, there is.  But first of all it’s important to understand why you stand in your own way of getting what you want. Continue reading