How to Cope When Your ‘Friends’ Say You’re Mad

‘You can’t do that!’
‘Who do you think you are?’
‘My goodness, you’re getting a bit above yourself, aren’t you?’

Have you ever heard these statements from anyone? Or imagined that others are thinking them about you? Or even had a little voice in your own head thinking them, all by itself? Continue reading

Three Practical Tips for Great, Heartfelt Copywriting

Wouldn’ t it be wonderful if, when people read your brochure, or your webpage, flier or article, that they felt excited, enthusiastic, and then said ‘yes’ to whatever you wanted them to do?  It IS possible, and you can make it happen much easier when you know just a few of the copywriting secrets applied by all the big names.  Here’s the first one:

1. Use You instead of We Continue reading