5 Essential Tips for Dealing with Shocks and Uncertainty

It’ s funny, isn’ t it, how the human race behaves as if it knows what is going to be happening from minute to minute. Most of us do this, most of the time. It is understandable of course, as there is a certain rhythm to life in that the sun rises and sets, the trees lose their leaves and then they grow again, and the sea continues to roll onto the shores of the beach, wave after wave. There are variations of course, in that sometimes we don’ t see the sun for the clouds, the leaves may fall earlier or later, and the waves may be bigger or smaller. But on the whole, there is some sense of

So I think we can forgive ourselves for behaving as if we know what is going to happen in the next minute! The trouble with this idea only comes when plans are made and then circumstances occur to thwart us in the delivery of the plans. Continue reading

How to feel good even though you’re in debt and why it’s so crucial

I’m the first to say that if you’re in debt you need to be doing something practical to get yourself out of debt.   There’s no point in just sitting around hoping – or even worse, continuing to rack up the debts, hoping that ‘all wil be well’, that ‘God will take care of me’, that ‘ something will happen’.

But why is feeling good while you’re in debt so  important?  Surely that goes against the grain?  In this article, I’ll tell you why if you don’t feel good, you’ll be much more likely to stay in debt than if not. Continue reading