How Good CAN You Stand It?

Have you got a to-do list?  Do you look at it every day, cross things off and feel satisfied?  Do you translate things from one list to the next day’s list?

I used to do that.  A lot. And it works.  In fact, the owner of an MBS shop I know recently told me that no matter what happens, she makes a list each night of what needs to happen the next day, prioritises it, and then makes sure it all gets done.  And she has successfully turned her business round from making a significant loss to a healthy profit.

But what I noticed the other day was that although I’ve been great at doing lists in the past (mainly cos I love crossing things off , it gives me a feeling of satisfaction!) more recently I’ve not been doing them nearly as much. Continue reading

How Doing Business Backwards Can Change the World (Part 2)

A guest article by Stacie Whitney

If you missed Part 1 of this article, you can read it here.  It ended with the question:

Is it enough in life to “just do what we love?”

I ask you:


If that’s not the point of life, then what is? Continue reading