How Doing Less Results in More

‘What do you want?’ I asked a prospective client.”My healing practice to expand, more money to come in, more regular clients,” she responded. “Then I’ll be able to relax.”

This was the beginning of an Insight and Inspiration Consultation I was holding with someone who appeared to be quite clear about where they were going, but wanted support and help to get there.  Expansion, more money, more clients all does indeed sound very clear.

It’s so easy, this equation, isn’t it?  Assume that all these things happen, and it’s obvious that you will feel more relaxed, have more money and even enjoy yourself more. But is it really true? Continue reading

What to Do When You Can’t Be Bothered to Do Anything


I just can't be bothered... ‘I just can’t be bothered!’ This can be a problem when  you’re self-employed.  And I’ve been experiencing it lately,  perhaps not surprisingly. But these moments or phases  come at all kinds of different times in the world of self-  employment, and it’s one of those perennial questions:  how to stay self-motivated?


There are plenty of articles on how to motivate yourself, or stay motivated, on the internet if you look for them.  But there is one thing that spiritual business people need to do before any of these, and that is not ‘do’ anything. Continue reading