We Do Not Die Conference – Findhorn Foundation

Today I have just a short video for you, describing a conference I will be attending here in Findhorn at the end of September. In it, Anita Moorjani (author of Dying to Be Me) describes what I discovered and wrote about in my forthcoming book, Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth.
I’d add one thing – we do not need to wait until we die or have a near death experience to live the life that these events tell us is possible!
We can live that life now!

and get my book when it is out (very soon now!)
Enjoy the video, and if you decide to come, please contact me and let me know so I can meet you.
PS. If you want to discover how to live the kind of life Anita Moorjani is hinting at, that’s what I cover with you in a free Wild Wisdom session – apply for one now, there’s just 2 slots left for this month. Just Contact Me say ‘I’m interested in a Wild Wisdom session!’

Nothing to do with your business at all – or is it?

Before Christmas I had a ceremony in the woods at the back of the house, where I took off my engagement and wedding rings.

It felt hugely important, was both relieving and sad and tearful all at the same time. I was really touched later when I shared it on Facebook and received so many nice messages, even from people I’ve had no contact with for over 20 years. I didn’t know why it was so important to take the rings off, I was just trusting, because it didn’t feel right anymore to have them on.

What felt right was to have bare hands – until a couple of weeks ago.

I realised, in a flash of inspiration, that I needed to buy a new ring and marry myself. Continue reading

Cultivating Trust – an essential requirement for business

I’ve just completed three days of ‘Cultivating Trust: Feeling Held By Grace in a World of Change’ with Miranda Macpherson here at Findhorn.  It was wonderful, and got me reflecting on how absolutely essential trust is in the world of business.  Without it, transactions would not take place without the presence of fear, doubt, mistrust, worry, judgment of self and others, concern, blame, irritation – I could go on.

The cultivation of trust is something that you as a business owner can encourage – it comes through your spiritual practice, if you choose to allow it.   You can ask yourself the question:  ‘Where does trust show up in my life?’ or ‘What inhibits my capacity for trust?” (one of the questions we were using over the weekend).  Begin to inquire and ask of yourself these things, and you will find you drop deeper into your soul, uncover some of the inhibiting thoughts and feelings that contribute to mistrust, and actively bring trust more into your work.

Putting First Things First: inviting your soul to prioritise with you

Welcome to RT Times for August 2009 and a whole lot of goodies for you! I’m excited because lots of things are going on: I’m having a new website designed; I’m going to be in London for a FREE Open Day; and as you can see below in the Contents Section, I’m celebrating the birth of my new article series in Todays’ Therapist magazine. Continue reading