What to Do When You Just Can’t Do It!


‘Oh God I just can’t do it!’ 

How many times have you heard either yourself or someone else say this? Well, it is usually wailed, not just said! Even when you know that using the word ‘can’t’ is not an ideal thing to do, sometimes it just slips out, especially when you are dealing with something that is challenging or that you find doesn’t come easily. Continue reading

The Difference Between ‘Taking Action’ and ‘Action Happening’

The theme of ‘not doing’ seems to be around a lot at the moment

But how can you not do? Surely just the fact you are a human being includes doing? And especially in business, where there are many thousands of successful business people saying you must implement, you must take action, you must keep taking steps towards your goals. How on earth can ‘not doing’ have a place in this? Continue reading

The Single Most Important Thing To Do Before Any Business Task

“Inhibition,” said my Alexander Technique teacher. “That’s the most important thing to be done when you are becoming more aware of what your body is doing.”

When I first heard that word in this context I wondered about it – surely to inhibit something was not a good idea? But slowly, over a few lessons, I have begun to see that inhibition, or pausing, is crucial in unlearning habits that are not helping.

When you know you need to change behaviour; when you know you want different results, when you know you’re stuck where you are, you will realize that movement forward starts with small steps. Continue reading

Have You Discovered the 3 Essentials to Encourage the Flow of Money?

“Money is meant to flow. It’s like water – meant to flow in, and flow out, flow in, and out again. It’s not meant to be still.”  So said a colleague of mine some years ago, a successful businessman running a medium sized company in Argentina.

I listened, because it was clear he knew what he was talking about. He, his father and brother had started a small engineering company from their home over twenty five years ago, when his brother had become partially paralysed and couldn’t find employment.  Over the years they had built it into a successful world-wide business, employing over 60 people.

I shared this quote on the Money and Chakras weekend, as there was lots of talk at the beginning about the difficulties in getting a loan from the banks, meaning money is not flowing. Continue reading

What to Do When You Can’t Be Bothered to Do Anything


I just can't be bothered... ‘I just can’t be bothered!’ This can be a problem when  you’re self-employed.  And I’ve been experiencing it lately,  perhaps not surprisingly. But these moments or phases  come at all kinds of different times in the world of self-  employment, and it’s one of those perennial questions:  how to stay self-motivated?


There are plenty of articles on how to motivate yourself, or stay motivated, on the internet if you look for them.  But there is one thing that spiritual business people need to do before any of these, and that is not ‘do’ anything. Continue reading