Why I’m Not Setting Goals This Year, But An ID Instead

This time of year is traditionally a time for setting goals, especially in the business world.  There’ s plenty of evidence that people who set goals are more likely to achieve them than those who don’ t set any at all.  And yet this doesn’ t account for the numerous people who seem to get where they want to be without setting any goals, like Rosemary Harris, award-winning actress, who said “I’ ve only ever paid attention to what was in front of me, making decisions according to the opportunities available and what I would most like doing.”  And Louise L. Hay, who has never set a goal in her life, and laughs when asked about it.  She did something very similar, simply knowing where she was going based on where she was at, at the time of decision-making.

So that’ s why this year I won’ t be setting any goals, not even ones from the inside out.  Continue reading

Goals: creating what you want more of

So why have I been unable to specify my goal for this year yet?

I’ve determined the amount of sales revenue I want – but I’m not getting excited about it, and therefore haven’t even begun to create my Alive Story (as written about in How To Be A RichThinker).  So what’s going on? Continue reading