Why Being Grateful is Your Key to Success


Gratitude. Appreciation, Praise. Thankfulness. Acknowledgment. All of these words when applied make you feel good – so why don’ t we do it more? Why isn’t the whole world focusing on feeling grateful, being appreciative, giving praise, expressing thanks, and acknowledging others? And particularly in the world of business, how come managers need to be educated in praising their staff, employers need to be coaxed into noticing the positive in their team members, and solo professionals like you often completely forget to appreciate themselves for what they are contributing to the world? Continue reading

Practicing Rich Thoughts

I recently started to study the Course in Miracles, with a lesson every day.  So far, so good.  But the last few days have been a challenge, since I’ve been visiting my sister and her family, where the focus is not at all on anything spiritual – more on how to get my 4 year old nephew to go to bed without a fuss. Continue reading

7 Everyday RichThinking Actions

7 RichThinking Daily Actions for high-level RichThinking living!

1. Begin your day by focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want. Look forward to the things you have in your schedule and determine that you are going to find the riches in all of these situations.  This only takes a few minutes and sets the context for your day. Continue reading