Do You Ever Have Guilt, Shame, or Embarrassment as Your Money Companions?

What on earth was I doing sitting meditating on a bench in the middle of Kingsbridge High St in Devon?   Pretty weird place to do it, you might think. And what could that possibly have to do with my business?  Even stranger.

Well, you know when you think ‘Oh great, I’ve sorted that!’ about an issue that’s been bugging you?  I mean, one of those inner challenges that come up, like fear about taking a step forward or guilt about not being a good enough parent, or anger towards someone.

And you know how sometimes that whole issue presents it’s head again, either a short or a long time after you’ve had the ‘I’m sorted!” thought? Well, it happened to me while on holiday, and that’s why I needed to sit with closed eyes amongst the passers by. Continue reading