Where Your Real Security Lies (and It’s Not in Money)

Many years ago, when I received a very large sum of money, I had expected to feel safe and secure, peaceful at last.

It didn’t happen.

What DID happen was that I worried – worried about how I was going to use it, worried about what people would think of me if they knew I had it; and worried I would spend it all fast (and find myself back with feeling comfortable with just enough). Continue reading

Searching for a Silver Lining..

Cancer. The very word can cause fear and constriction. Despite many people learning to live successfully with cancer, it is still thought of as a merciless killer in many respects. What has this got to do with your business? Well, nothing, at least nothing to do with your business I hope.

But it’ s a lot to do with mine, because my husband has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Fortunately caught relatively early, and it’ s treatable, but still, a very serious life threatening illness. Talk about an opportunity to think rich! (Ironic laugh from me here). Continue reading

The difference between concern and worry

Quote by sir Alex Ferguson, football manager

“There’s a difference between concern and worry. When you concern yourself, you can do something about it.  When you worry, you put yourself in the grave. I don’t worry.”

When you concern yourself with something, you relate to it. You develop a relationship with it, in fact. You can easily see the difference between concern and worry if you think about a child with whom you have a relationship – of course you concern yourself with them, that is part of the natural relationship. And you can probably identify when concern spills over into worry. Continue reading