How To Cope When You’Ve Outgrown Your Business Part 4: Leaps of Faith

If you’re contemplating an expansion in your business, whether it be for more clients, into new premises, taking on more staff, outsourcing some work, or you have simply discovered that a leap of faith will be required.


Anything new is by definition going to be uncomfortable as you become familiar with new structures, a new environment, new people. And it’s before you take that leap that the uncomfortable mind chatter occurs – recognize this?

“Eeek!  Help!  Dare I?  Will I?  Should I?  Can I?  I know it will be good for me but… it’s so expensive; it’s such a commitment; it might not work; it might work;  it might just be another waste of my time and money; what if I end up disappointed again; what if I fail; why did I ever think I needed to move on?”

And on and on the mind goes. Continue reading

On Trusting Your Trapeze Will Be There When You Leap


Trust is needed if you have lost your job, lost a contract, lost out on a good deal. Trust is needed if your circumstances are wobbled – if your home is under threat, if your income is very erratic, if several clients or customers cancel their contracts.

When your foundations in life are shaky, or at least feel shaky, what can you do? Continue reading