Struggling vs Playing – how much are you doing of either?


‘Oh goodness, this is so hard!’

‘ I can’t do it!’

‘How come I can’t do it?’

Struggling. It’s just not nice, is it?  When you try so, so hard, doing everything right (apparently) and still you don’t get the results you want. And it’s not fair, either – after all that hard work, why isn’t it working?  You can’t understand it, and maybe you go back over what you’ve done, trying to work out (there’s that word ‘trying’ again), wanting to know what went wrong, how you can learn from it.

Or maybe you just give up.

Or worse, decide there must be something wrong with you, something lacking, as everyone else seems to be able to do it OK.

This used to be me, this last one. I was sure that everyone else had ‘it’ (sometimes I still fall into that trap J), that there was something I just wasn’t getting that would mean I would suddenly be catapulted into the world of stardom. Continue reading