Who’s Running Your Life, You or Your Circumstances?

Assuming YOU’D rather be in charge of your life than your circumstances, then ‘noticing’ is a crucial skill to develop. Thoughts and feelings you’re unaware of will run your life for you unless you notice them, and sometimes even the ones you notice will dominate unless you put yourself in charge of them! Cultivating the part of yourself that is more detached and can observe or witness your thoughts and feelings is crucial to you being in charge. Continue reading

Financial Collapse, Fear and True Wealth

I was in tears and despair as I read an article about what’s been happening in America and worldwide.

I don’t usually let myself read the media, because I get too easily infected by negative things. But I had done on this occasion. Wasn’t a good feeling – but it’s resulted in these thoughts.

RichThinking is about finding your own sources of true wealth and setting your life up to experience that on a daily basis. Continue reading