You May Be Limiting Your Prosperity Without Even Realizing It – Here’s How

What’s your definition of prosperity? Don’t think about it too much, just write down quickly whatever it is, right now, before you continue reading. I’ll invite you to re-read it at the end of the article, and adjust accordingly if you’re inspired to.

Here are 5 common ways you might be limiting your prosperity: Continue reading

Three Things to Let Go of As You Go Into 2013

Holding on, resisting, pushing away – anything other than accepting is going to cause problems. Why? Because stress and unhappiness is caused by these actions in themselves – not by what you are holding onto, resisting or pushing away, even though it appears that way.  Letting go brings a breath of fresh air, movement and possibility.

1. Let go of your need to be right. Continue reading

7 Everyday RichThinking Actions

7 RichThinking Daily Actions for high-level RichThinking living!

1. Begin your day by focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want. Look forward to the things you have in your schedule and determine that you are going to find the riches in all of these situations.  This only takes a few minutes and sets the context for your day. Continue reading

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

How often have you heard that?   Let’s turn it around to ‘I see it then I believe it’. This may not be what you are used to, but in the world of success, this is what it’s all about. ‘I see it (in my mind’s eye), then I believe it’ are the words of a creative, successful person using visualization techniques to get what they want out of life.  Anyone can learn these techniques to start manifesting their life goals. Continue reading