5 Benefits of Love in Your Business

You don’t very often read these two words ‘love’ and ‘business’ in the same sentence. But you probably know that bringing more love into anything is a good idea, and more love in your business will bring in a lot of things that will help to have your business flourish, just as a baby flourishes in the presence of a lot of love. Continue reading

Searching for a Silver Lining..

Cancer. The very word can cause fear and constriction. Despite many people learning to live successfully with cancer, it is still thought of as a merciless killer in many respects. What has this got to do with your business? Well, nothing, at least nothing to do with your business I hope.

But it’ s a lot to do with mine, because my husband has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Fortunately caught relatively early, and it’ s treatable, but still, a very serious life threatening illness. Talk about an opportunity to think rich! (Ironic laugh from me here). Continue reading

Does Your Business Have a Soul?

When I first heard the term soul in conjunction with the word business, my heart leapt. I recognised that this was the connection of the two passions in my life, my personal spiritual beliefs and my interest in business. But it wasn’t always like this. Continue reading

Credit Crunch and RichThinking

I’m normally vigilant in not reading newspapers, or at least the ‘bad news’ in newspapers; I never read or listen to the news on the TV or radio. This doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on in the world, I do – it’s easy to pick it up from other people just in comments made here and there. I just don’t need to know the details.

Anyway, the other day I received an email from the RichDad, PoorDad people, with an article by Robert Kiyosaki on the current state of the financial market. I read it because I assumed that it would be a relatively positive take on the situation, and what the ordinary person can do about it. He has an educational company and focuses on helping people help themselves. But the effect that article had on me was awful. Continue reading