Where Does Your Wisdom Come From?

When things are not working, when you’re trying hard, when life just seems to deliver you one setback after another, what do you do?Well, hopefully, you soften and listen to your own wisdom, wild or otherwise!

But where does it come from? What exactly is your wisdom?  And can it really be wild?

Yesterday, after being in the meditation sanctuary early in the morning, someone else who had been there approached me.

“Excuse me, I noticed you scribbling in your notebook in the meditation. What were you writing?”

I was surprised, but delighted to be asked. “It’s wisdom words that come from a different place than my personality,” I replied, “I sort of hear them often in meditation, and so I thought  it would be a good idea to write them down. It sets me up for the day; sometimes problems get resolved; other times I gain an insight that allows movement in a situation. I never know what will happen.”

She looked bemused. “Try it,” I encouraged her. “Just get very still inside and see what happens.”

Afterwards I reflected on where this had come from in my own life, and how I’d written about it in my soon to be published book, Gifted By Grief. Here’s an extract:

For many years, since I’d moved through the grief about not being able to have children with Philip, I’d had access to the ‘still, small voice within.’ I’d been introduced to this back in 2003, when I was exploring my psychic abilities. Out walking one day, I’d been railing against not having a family of my own, and out of the blue came the words, ‘You were not meant to have children this time round. Your path is purely a spiritual one.’ The words were so clear, I almost looked round to see who had spoken. They brought with them immense relief, peace, and a relaxing into what my life actually was in that moment. I wasn’t shocked, just intrigued. Over time, and with practice, this ‘voice’ spoke many, many wise words – most often when I sat down with a pen and paper in hand.
Your wisdom also comes from another place than your personality, or your mind. It might indeed be wise to say it comes from ‘beyond’.Do you hear it in the form of words? Or do you see images, feel sensations, or sense knowings?

How often do you pay attention to it, or act on its advice? If you’re in a pickle of some kind, I can guarantee this will be the one thing that will get you out of it, for it’s only when we quieten down enough to realize that who we are really IS the wisdom itself, and not the bodymind personality, that access is gained to this source.

Try it next time you’re needing to solve a problem, change a situation or just want some clarity. Stop whatever you’re doing and soften. Ask for insights. Wait. Discover what is wanting to be found. 

What Is the Jewel in your Business?

I noticed a slight agitation as I sat down to meditate this morning. Breathing in, my body began to settle. Breathing out, I noticed the critical thoughts wanting to stick onto me.

Instead of believing them, and going into the whole story attached to them, I waited a few minutes. A bit later on, I heard the following message:

Close-up on colourful jewel-like buttons.

“Into the twilight of Life arrives a gift of innocence. Surely seen as irrelevant, it is in fact a precious jewel.  Innocence is trust and faith in Life itself to commandeer resources in such a way that you are looked after.

This may not look like what you think it ought to, but it will and does happen. Be still and prepare to receive.”

Short but very to the point. Something inside relaxed and I spent the rest of the hours meditation in a pretty blissful place. 🙂

I’m sharing them with you because of the importance of discovering what your own jewel is (or are!) – if you don’t know what they are, then take some time in silently sitting and ask.  Listen with your ears, your heart, your soul and trust what happens. For me, it comes in words that appear as if imprinted on the back of my head. For you, it may come in another way entirely.

Explore and see what happens!

How this hidden gift can transform your day

Waking at 5.30am to the sound of birds through my open window, I got up and dressed to walk through the woods on the way to the meditation sanctuary in Cluny Hill, one of the Findhorn Foundation campuses. The light was still brightening, a red squirrel scampered over the path a few feet ahead of me, and I kicked the remains of the autumn leaves. I was leading the meditation today at 6.30am but really, it starts for me when I leave my front door.

candlecentrepieceEntering the calm, gentle sanctuary, I lit the candle, picked up the gong and bowl and with one soft hit, signaled the beginning of the meditation with a lovely sound. There was only one other person there, and we would be in complete silence for the next hour.

I’m used to ‘hearing’ words in this time of silent sitting, and so always have a notebook and pen with me.  This first happened many years ago, and over time I’ve paid attention and witnessed the many, many occasions when they have been so loving and nurturing. I eventually called this process The Listening. I write much more about this in my forthcoming book, Gifted By Grief, as it gave much solace to me while my husband was dying.

However, this time in the sanctuary, what presented were words for someone else. Someone I know, but not well, and who lives in the community. I had no idea what was going on in his life but I listened as intently as I could and noted them down.

Later, I bumped into him in the corridor – rarely do I see him, so this was a surprise. I told him what I had received, and he affirmed how appropriate they were.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I want to invite you to listen too. Listen to your own still small voice within. It cannot make itself heard in the general hubbub of every day life, which is why it usually comes through at times of stillness and quiet.  If you find this difficult, then simply start with quietening for a couple of minutes. That’s what I did.

If you need help with slowing down, and being quieter, then I have two great tools to help you, the White Light Meditation, and The Five Minute Relaxation. Both work wonderfully to introduce you to a calmer, more still place.  http://wildwisdom.co.uk/freebies/

If you would like to be a guinea pig for me with this, I am offering to just 5 people the opportunity to receive some of this Listening for yourself. No cost, as I have no idea if this will work or not, which is why you are a guinea pig. 🙂  Email me; no need to tell me anything about your situation, I will spend up to 15 minutes focusing on you, and we’ll see what happens.

What to Do to Interfere with the Success of Your Business

This sounds like a mad title, doesn’t it!  But really, we all do it a lot of the time, and I came across a post of this title from 4 years ago when I was updating things for the new website (it’s coming, honestly!)  It was so interesting to read it!  I’ve made a new one, 4 years on, and invite you to do the same. 🙂

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One Moment Meditation

If you find meditating difficult, like I have, then you’ll love this short video about meditating for just one minute:


It’s short, sweet, light-hearted – and yet very profound. Try it and see what happens. I particularly like the ‘hmmm’!