How stopping instead of starting saves you time

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff to be done’ – even if you’re organised enough to have a ‘to-do’ list, and even if you manage to get to the end of it (practically unheard of in my household) it doesn’t really matter, because there’s always something more to go on it. So you rarely have a sense of achievement, but have plenty of frustration. Continue reading

How to Know What You Really Want in Your Business

My new client was pouring her heart out to me. Her eyes were shining as she described how she had achieved the goal she had set herself. “I wanted ten more client hours in my week, consistently filled, and look, here’s my appointment book!” She showed me a week in her diary, with all her appointments slots filled.

But then she slumped back in her chair. Her energy suddenly changed, and there was a silence. I waited. “The only problem is I feel a bit down about it, and I can’t understand it. I’ve got what I said I wanted, the money is flowing in, my time is booked up for the next month or so, so why do I feel a bit deflated?” Continue reading

Self-employed success

I’ve just come in from an inspiring evening being held by the Moray Small Business Club, where Geoff Burch of was speaking to us about selling.  He was a very entertaining speaker, full of humorous stories to illustrate a point, of which he made many.

I was talking to him over coffee before we began the evening and, speaking of success, he said “If you’re self-employed and stayed self-employed for ten years or more then you’re already successful – just by virtue of the fact that you haven’t given up!”

Bit late now to say more, but I’ll be posting more tips from the evening later in the week.  I must have been inspired if I’m at my computer at 10pm, when normally I’m fast asleep in bed!  See a video clip of Geoff in action here

Geoff Burch 001

How to manage in troubled times

I want to flag up the fact that on Thursday 18th February at 7pm UK time, I am being interviewed on the phone on the subject of ‘How to manage in troubled times’, by my colleague Sheela Masand. Here’s what she is saying about it (and if you can’t make that time, sign up anyway to get access to the recording):

“Rich, wealthy, prosperous, abundant …. they are all good feeling words and feelings, and I’m sure you’d love to have them present in your everyday life!  Unfortunately, I know the following is more commonplace at the moment, do any of them sound familiar to you?: Continue reading