Are You Being Ruled by Your ‘Inner Book-keeper’ (or are you the one doing the ruling)?

Your Inner Book-keeper is the part of you that somehow knows roughly what you are spending, what your budget is if you have one, how much is coming in, what you should spend money on, and what you shouldn’t. She or he is also likely to tell you off if you overspend, or spend on something it considers to be wasteful; and rarely compliment you on anything other than when money comes in!  Your Inner Book-keeper also likes to daydream about receiving large sums of money – or even just enough to get you what you want. Do you recognize this?


If so, then you’ll want to know whether you (the real you) is in charge of this book-keeper, or whether you’re being held hostage by him/her. 

So how do you find out? Continue reading

5 Mind Mistakes Coaches/Therapists Make and What To Do About Them

Jane-blog-3.7.13bMany people, including coaches, don’t realise how much they sabotage themselves by the way they think.  And if you’re thinking right now ‘this doesn’t apply to me’, then that’s an example of what I’m talking about!  Everyone can benefit from understanding the power their mind has over them, if they’re not aware of it.  What are you saying to yourself that is damaging your efforts at success? Continue reading