Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed in Your Business? (If so, read this!)

Asking for support is something that many people have difficulties with. I’d like you to imagine the following scenes and discover which one is most familiar to you.

Do you sit alone in your office, working on every aspect of your business, tearing your hair out when you can’t understand something, and then giving yourself a hard time because you can’t understand? Do you spend hours trying to work something out, or to familiarise yourself with an aspect of your business that is not second nature? Maybe you even feel ashamed or stupid when you find yourself stuck, not knowing what a ‘portal problem’ or an ‘app’ or a ‘url’ is (all examples of things I have not known and felt silly about!).

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How stopping instead of starting saves you time

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff to be done’ – even if you’re organised enough to have a ‘to-do’ list, and even if you manage to get to the end of it (practically unheard of in my household) it doesn’t really matter, because there’s always something more to go on it. So you rarely have a sense of achievement, but have plenty of frustration. Continue reading