Have YOU retired from ‘having to do things’ yet?

IMG_0468This photo is of the space that happens when you stop saying: ‘Oh, I have to …. I must go to…. I need to …. I really ought to….’

Actually, it’s where I was lying in the woods this afternoon, after I realized the writing I was doing just was not happening. I had fallen into ‘I must write this article right now’.

When you’re in that space, the have-to-ness blocks your light, keeps you in the dark, and you can’t think straight. So no wonder the writing wasn’t flowing!

Finally recognizing this, I thought I’d go for a walk, but while putting on my boots, the phone rang.

My friend said she’d rung for a chat and told me, “I woke at 6am this morning and read my novel until 9!” “That’s because you’re retired,” I replied. “I’m not retired, I’m semi-retired,” she said, “I still see some clients remember.”

“You’ve not retired from seeing clients, you’ve retired from not having to do anything,” was my reply.

Light bulb moment.

For her – because she hadn’t thought about it like that before, and could see that really was true.

And for me, because I immediately wondered ‘is it possible to be retired right now, rather than waiting until retirement age?’

Here’s my internal dialogue about this, as I walked through the sunlit woods:

‘But I have to earn money, I have no choice about that, I must bring the money in to pay the bills. Hang on a minute, is that really true? What did I just write about in the Radical Income Welcome Toolkit? One of the 3 principles of Radical Income Welcome Thinking is that money can come from anywhere. So do I need to earn it?

’ OK – that question got parked to come back to later.

Dialogue continued:

‘Yes, money can come from anywhere. Last month when there was less coming in from the business, my parents sent us all some cash from the sale of their house. This month, enough has come in already for all my bills. Next month – well, there’s plans afoot for that’. (Here I’m proving to myself that this principle is true).

‘Well, what about the 2nd principle then?’ – You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. Very common idea, not always remembered, let alone acted out of.

I stopped walking. I listened to the sound of the birds; felt the sun on my face; admired the sweet green of the new leaves. Noticed a spot off the path where I could lie down. Being – just being. Being the truth of who is here, in this body. Experiencing through the body’s senses the light and warmth of the sun, the solidity of the earth under my back, the chirps of the birds, the buzzing of a nearby fly, the beauty of the canopy of trees above me.

In the peace of being, the ‘having to’ melted away. It was all in the mind. The need to bring in the money is just that, a need from the mind.

Mind counteracted: ‘Yes, but what about next month, and next year for that matter? And what about all those debts?’

But mind had been seen through, and there was no engaging with these thoughts, which meant they came for a visit, and then passed on, having received no interest.

The lying down in the woods turned into a little 15 minute nap (nothing like being able to do that when you feel like it!) and then on waking, I was up and walking on back to the house.

Came to the computer and here is the article. It could have been any article, because the light had broken through the darkness of the constricting thoughts and being-ness was there, as always.

Moral of the story: You can retire, right now, in this moment, from ‘having to…’.

Next time you notice you’ve fallen into this way of thinking (and especially if it’s about money, which is the most pervasive thing in our society), retreat back from the thoughts.

Read this post again, or sign up for The Radical Income Welcome Toolkit, which will give you opportunities to Be, and also practical actions to take.

Be, instead of doing, and notice how beautiful the doing becomes when you choose to focus on what is here now, in the moment.

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