Are YOU Stuck in Your Comfort Zone?

comfort zoneYour Comfort Zone is probably very familiar to you – it’s where you feel strong, capable, confident
. It’s where you can do good work, know it’s good, and you get good results. It’s also a place free of stress, where you feel secure and content.
It’s a bit like an old familiar jumper that you love wearing, which keeps you warm and cosy.


Have you ever noticed how you discard clothes from time to time? If you have kept old favourites in the back of your wardrobe, and then get them out again and try them on, they can often be out of date, and suddenly you just don’t feel that comfortable in them anymore! How can it be, that item which you so loved, and yet now is so clearly not suitable?

This is what it’s like with your Comfort Zone. From time to time, you will be nudged (or in some cases, propelled) out of your zone of comfort into another area entirely. You might be one of those people who feel as if they are literally growing out of your clothing when this happens – a bit like a snake needing to shed it’s skin. Continue reading

Do You Have a Self-Employed Job or a Business?

In a coaching session the other day, I was introducing the notion that those who are self-employed have a different mindset from those who are employees. I first heard of this notion through Robert Kiyosaki’s book The Cashflow Quadrant: The Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom.  The question is, do you have the kind of thinking that corresponds with a self-employed person, an employee, a business owner, or an investor? Read on to find out. Continue reading

What to Do When You Find Yourself Uprooted

Uprooted. The term we use when we see a tree that has been blown over in the wind, like this one:


I came across this yesterday when exploring the nearby woods. It struck me that this is what has happened to myself and RichThinkers in the last year. After my course How to Raise Your Prices, Charge What You’re Really Worth, and Get It! finished last August, I simply put down my tools.  Apart from continuing to see a handful of clients and writing this newsletter, I have done no work at all on the business.

So what happens when a tree is uprooted? Continue reading