Are You in the Dark About Your Business?

In the north of Scotland in the depths of wintertime, it is dark by 4pm, and not properly light again until after 8am. Many people find this a challenge, but it is of course compensated for by very long summer evenings, when the sun rises about 3am, and doesn’t really set until about 11pm. I reorganise my schedule during the winter so I can easily get out in the daytime. This applies to businesses too, so how much time do you spend in the daylight and night time of your business? Continue reading

The Remarkable Difference Between a Commitment of 99% and 100%

If you’re married or in a long term relationship, your primary relationship in life is with your spouse /partner. And of course, the strength of that relationship will go a long way to determine your happiness in life.

Vic Conant, the president of Nightingale Conant, publisher of self-development products, wrote an article not long ago called The Keys to Successful Living that focused on things we can do to improve our primary relationship.

Vic acknowledged that a few years ago, he had some problems with his marriage to the point where he was considering other alternatives. But he wanted it to work and decided to try what he called “the 100% commitment experiment,” (not 99%, but 100%). He said in doing so, something magical happened. Continue reading

What’s up on your wall?

SAM_1167-300x225One of my favourite affirmations is stating that no matter what the outer circumstances are, only good will come out of the situation I find myself in. This of course is an attitude of life, where you determine to find the positive in whatever life brings you.  What it doesn’t mean is you get to only feel positive!  Rather, I use it in 3 ways:

to help me feel better when times are tough

to direct my mind onto a path that is more nourishing than thinking the opposite

to remind myself that I have an option about how I think about my life situation

So I have this poster that I made up in my office.

The secret behind positive thinking

Using positive affirmations is a fundamental in the world of personal development, and increasingly in the business world.  In fact, thinking and imagining positively has been around for a long time, particularly in the sports world where it has been normal for many years for athletes and others to visualise and imagine themselves in the winning position.

However, I’ve come across many, many people somewhat disgruntled with positive thinking, because they say it doesn’t work. Continue reading

The secret success of positive thoughts

I’ve come across many, many people somewhat disgruntled with positive thinking, because they say it doesn’t work.  They’ve tried affirming for what they want, and it seems so patently ridiculous that they give up.  Mistake.  Because it’s the very thought that it’s ridiculous that holds the secret to the success of the positive thought. Continue reading