Is Wonder Woman/Man Visiting You?

On the cover of a free magazine I picked up in the airport a few weeks ago, the headline “Do you have Wonder Woman Syndrome?” screamed out, alongside a photo of the ubiquitous wonder woman herself.  The byline was “The new research that challenges our addiction to having it all.

Inside, after the contents page, was a two-page spread showing 30 items, ranging from clothing to gadgets, bikes to kitchen scales, with one bag highlighted as “this week’s must-have.”  A bit ironic, these two articles sitting next to each other! Continue reading

Are You Missing Yourself?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I being crabby with my nearest and dearest?
  • Am I criticising those around me?
  • Are my eating habits getting a bit too erratic?
  • Am I smoking or drinking just a bit too much, too often? Continue reading