When Silence Can Be Your Best Business Partner

In our busy, busy world, silence can often be perceived as a threat. Even just the thought of having no background noise, no TV or radio on, is enough to make some people quake. And the word ‘business’ can be broken down itself into ‘busy-ness.’  But a spiritual business, one where the owner or manager is spiritually aware and wanting to actively bring that into their day-to-day business activities, is going to be far more successful when the power of silence becomes used consciously and creatively. Continue reading

Can Business and Love Go Together?

Can you run a business with love? Can those two words even go together?

In fact, this is not a new idea. Reading Chocolate Wars recently by Deborah Cadbury, I was struck by the heartfelt compassion and love at the base of the Cadbury brothers’ chocolate company when they started out.  They were a Quaker company in Birmingham, England, alongside many other Quaker businesses at the time (in fact, in the early nineteenth century, around 4000 Quaker families in Britain ran seventy-four banks, and over two hundred major companies, according to spiritual principles).  Making money and taking care of their employees were of equal importance to the Cadbury brothers. Continue reading