My new book Gifted By Grief is out NOW!

Gifted By Grief is finally out! here I am with Robert Holden (who wrote the wonderful foreword):
And here is a doodle of what I feel like doing – standing on the top of a high mountain, telling the whole world about it!

You are getting to hear about it first, as you’re on my mailing list.

(What you also need to know is that next week on 8/9/10th September, the e-book version will be FREE!  This is because I really want to get it out to as many people as possible. (I will send out a reminder re this).But it’s for sale right now, e-book and paperback, so if you can’t wait to take a peek, visit here!

You know, death and dying have never had good press, although that is beginning to change, but grief is lagging behind. That’s a large part of the motivation behind this book – to invite people into my life while it was going on. I hope it will help people become more comfortable with grief, whether they are experiencing it themselves or affected by someone else going through it.

It’s a hugely personal book, and yet oddly, I feel somehow detached from it. Like I just have to serve it.  It’s as if this book has a life of it’s own, and all I have to do is obey it’s instructions. Right now, that’s get this book out to as many people as possible. So that’s what I’m doing 🙂

Please join me by passing on this link to anyone else you know:

Thank you!

How do you decide which emails to open?

When I was in my mid-twenties and in my second job working as Personal Assistant in a large retail jewellery company, I shared an office with the Personnel Manager. Every morning I’d come in and see my desk – empty of files, tidy, a clear space. And then I’d look across to his part of the room and see piles of files, some of them a good half metre high. Not only on his desk, but on the floor surrounding the desk. He was left with a little gap in the middle in which to work on immediate things. Horrible!

I’m reminded of him because I’ve just emerged from the modern-day equivalent – a heaving inbox full of both answered and unanswered emails (in both my email accounts!) Continue reading