Do You Want To Know My Secret?

Many years ago, Philip told me about a story of Krishnamurti, the Indian speaker and writer on spiritual and philosophical matters. I recently found it, as written by Jim Dreaver, and post it here:

There’s a story about J. Krishnamurti that speaks reams about what it means to be free of the limiting, fear-based pattern of thinking. Every spring he used to give talks in a beautiful oak grove in Ojai, in southern California. He had been speaking there for over sixty years. On this particular occasion when I went to hear him, in the late nineteen-seventies, there must have been close to two thousand people in attendance, sitting on the grass, or in their folding chairs. Continue reading

Where Your Real Security Lies (and It’s Not in Money)

Many years ago, when I received a very large sum of money, I had expected to feel safe and secure, peaceful at last.

It didn’t happen.

What DID happen was that I worried – worried about how I was going to use it, worried about what people would think of me if they knew I had it; and worried I would spend it all fast (and find myself back with feeling comfortable with just enough). Continue reading