How to Know What You Really Want in Your Business

My new client was pouring her heart out to me. Her eyes were shining as she described how she had achieved the goal she had set herself. “I wanted ten more client hours in my week, consistently filled, and look, here’s my appointment book!” She showed me a week in her diary, with all her appointments slots filled.

But then she slumped back in her chair. Her energy suddenly changed, and there was a silence. I waited. “The only problem is I feel a bit down about it, and I can’t understand it. I’ve got what I said I wanted, the money is flowing in, my time is booked up for the next month or so, so why do I feel a bit deflated?” Continue reading

Radiance Requires Retreat

When you are around someone whom you describe as radiant, you’re basking in their apparent light.  You are in the presence of someone who is ‘beaming with hope or joy or love’ (Concise Oxford Dictionary).  It is often very nourishing, and you may find yourself wanting to rub up against that person, perhaps hoping some of their radiance will spill over onto you.

So how do you become radiant yourself, and what effect does it have on your business? Continue reading