Three Things to Let Go of As You Go Into 2013

Holding on, resisting, pushing away – anything other than accepting is going to cause problems. Why? Because stress and unhappiness is caused by these actions in themselves – not by what you are holding onto, resisting or pushing away, even though it appears that way.  Letting go brings a breath of fresh air, movement and possibility.

1. Let go of your need to be right. Continue reading

Do You Love Your Business?

Hands up if you read that title and thought ‘Yuck – all wishy washy, airy fairy, stuff.  How can that be anything to do with business?’  Sadly, this is a common sentiment (because the power of love and friendship in your business can be enormous – if you let it).  Do the exercise below as you read on, to help you become closer to your business in a healthy and loving way. Continue reading

I Love Christmas, But…

SAM_0825 One of the important aspects about running a small business is that you find a good balance between working time and taking time off. And of course, Christmas is traditionally a time when holidays are taken. It’ s also traditionally a time when, according to the media, life is good, filled with blessings, and enjoyment is had by all. But the actuality, as you well know, may be a little different, and for some people this time of year is more of a nightmare than a dream. Read on for my 7 handy hints on how to have your Christmas be as fulfilling as possible. Continue reading

Beautiful affirmation!

On my RichThinking Way class this week, one participant mentioned a really beautiful affirmation that I asked could I share with you. here it is:

“I am a treasured gift and I honour myself by being gentle and compassionate when I’m disconnected, and remind myself of the peace within”.

She said this with such self-love I felt enveloped by it, even though I was at the end of the phone!

21 Inspiring, Practical Ways to Use Affirmations and Have Them Really Work for You

‘Every thought you think or speak is an affirmation” says Louise L. Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing company and author or the famous ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.

Every thought.  That’s quite something.  And it’s true – so either you are thinking a negative affirmation, a positive one or a neutral one.  If an affirmation is something you say or think, as if it were true, regardless of whether it really is true or not, then what you say or think is really important. Continue reading