How to Cope When Your ‘Friends’ Say You’re Mad

‘You can’t do that!’
‘Who do you think you are?’
‘My goodness, you’re getting a bit above yourself, aren’t you?’

Have you ever heard these statements from anyone? Or imagined that others are thinking them about you? Or even had a little voice in your own head thinking them, all by itself? Continue reading

How Paying Yourself First Enhances Your Business

Once upon a time many years ago, there was a young woman who lived and worked in north London.  A talented individual in many areas, she worked in a company she loved, amongst very many friends, but the job she was doing was challenging to say the least.

She had recently transferred from company secretarial work into the finance department where she was responsible for the income and expenditure of the business, and which was well up into the hundreds of thousands.

Being the diligent soul she was, she began her new job researching files, following up calls and contacts, and generally opening doors that hadn’t been opened for very long.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view) the result of this was that the doors were opening onto a can of worms.  And being full of integrity, she couldn’t help but open up the can of worms to see exactly what type of worm was in there. Continue reading

How valuable is your time? Calculating your hourly rate

How valuable are you?  Well of course, you’re unique, and therefore priceless, that goes without saying.  Whether you believe this or not is another matter, but that’s not what this article is about.  Instead this article is about what your hourly rate really is – and it’s not the one you charge to clients!

To find out how valuable you are, get your calculator and work out the following: Continue reading