Did You Know You Bought That? 3 Clear Steps to Being a Conscious Consumer

Have you ever come home from the shops, looked at what you bought, and wondered why on earth you spent your precious money on the item in front of you?

If you have, what did you do then? Go back to the shops and return it? Keep it but didn’t feel good about it? Or were you able to reconcile what you bought and find enjoyment in it?

It is so easy to spend money unconsciously these days, particularly if you are spending with a card. There’s a huge difference between cash and cards, and if you don’t know what I mean, try not using your card for a week and you’ll find out. Handing over £50 on your card, and £50 in notes are two very different experiences. Continue reading

Have You Discovered the 3 Essentials to Encourage the Flow of Money?

“Money is meant to flow. It’s like water – meant to flow in, and flow out, flow in, and out again. It’s not meant to be still.”  So said a colleague of mine some years ago, a successful businessman running a medium sized company in Argentina.

I listened, because it was clear he knew what he was talking about. He, his father and brother had started a small engineering company from their home over twenty five years ago, when his brother had become partially paralysed and couldn’t find employment.  Over the years they had built it into a successful world-wide business, employing over 60 people.

I shared this quote on the Money and Chakras weekend, as there was lots of talk at the beginning about the difficulties in getting a loan from the banks, meaning money is not flowing. Continue reading