How Your Chosen Ending Seriously Affects Your Success

“Stop being British and channel your Inner American!”

So said my fellow Mastermind colleague, Claire Hayes (of

What was she referring to?  I had been hiding my light under a bushel – even after all these years of teaching other people not to do this, here I was doing it myself – again!  It’s not the first time, I have to admit.

I have been writing a new free gift for visitors to my website when they sign up for this newsletter.  It’s entitled ‘The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Wanting to Increase Your Income’  (if you’re on my list already, you’ll get a free copy of this, no worries). I had sent it out to members of the Mastermind group to comment on (one of the huge pluses of a business support group is you can bank on honest and knowledgeable feedback).

But why was she referring to my ‘Inner American’?  Because in the draft version I was being polite about what the next step at the end of reading the report was.  I had written the following: Continue reading

How Doing Less Results in More

‘What do you want?’ I asked a prospective client.”My healing practice to expand, more money to come in, more regular clients,” she responded. “Then I’ll be able to relax.”

This was the beginning of an Insight and Inspiration Consultation I was holding with someone who appeared to be quite clear about where they were going, but wanted support and help to get there.  Expansion, more money, more clients all does indeed sound very clear.

It’s so easy, this equation, isn’t it?  Assume that all these things happen, and it’s obvious that you will feel more relaxed, have more money and even enjoy yourself more. But is it really true? Continue reading

Three Things to Let Go of As You Go Into 2013

Holding on, resisting, pushing away – anything other than accepting is going to cause problems. Why? Because stress and unhappiness is caused by these actions in themselves – not by what you are holding onto, resisting or pushing away, even though it appears that way.  Letting go brings a breath of fresh air, movement and possibility.

1. Let go of your need to be right. Continue reading

How Doing Business Backwards Can Change the World (Part 2)

A guest article by Stacie Whitney

If you missed Part 1 of this article, you can read it here.  It ended with the question:

Is it enough in life to “just do what we love?”

I ask you:


If that’s not the point of life, then what is? Continue reading

How Doing Business Backwards Can Change the World (Part 1)

A guest article by Stacie Whitney

There is a golden quality to the light in Northern Scotland in late November.  We speak of it being the beginning of “the dark season,” when the sun sets completely by 4 PM and is never very high above the horizon.

But as an implant from places further south, the thing I noticed in my first winter here was the glow – the way the grass and trees and the inside of my curtains lit up with a luminous bronze hue, when the sun graced them with it’s rare presence.

I don’t always choose to focus on “the light.“  But it’s struck me lately how different my life is when I do. Continue reading