The Single Most Important Thing To Do Before Any Business Task

“Inhibition,” said my Alexander Technique teacher. “That’s the most important thing to be done when you are becoming more aware of what your body is doing.”

When I first heard that word in this context I wondered about it – surely to inhibit something was not a good idea? But slowly, over a few lessons, I have begun to see that inhibition, or pausing, is crucial in unlearning habits that are not helping.

When you know you need to change behaviour; when you know you want different results, when you know you’re stuck where you are, you will realize that movement forward starts with small steps. Continue reading

Is It Really OK to Not ‘Do’ in Your Business?

Let’s take a closer look at ‘not doing’ when people all around you are not only ‘doing,’ but being very busy indeed doing things in their busy-nesses. If you’re employed it might be impossible to not ‘do’ without being fired, or reprimanded. But if you’re self-employed, or running a small business, your time is yours (or so you thought!). Often it’s self-employed people or small business owners who are the ones who seem to never stop, even if they are supposed to be in charge of their own time.  People don’t often stop in our busy world because a couple of things happen when you do. Continue reading