Work Less, You’ll Get More Done. Honestly!

‘I’ll never get it all done in time!’ The words of someone under stress, harried and flustered. Very common, in all walks of life, not just work. It seems that the word ‘stress’ as in ‘I’m so stressed’ and ‘It’s so stressful’ have become a normal way of speaking and thinking. But what to do if you agree with these statements? Is it really possible to be less stressed AND get more done?

I know that it is, because it has happened for me. Since my husband’s death, which stopped me completely in my tracks, I was forced to find another way to work. I had no choice.

Hopefully you won’t be in that situation. Hopefully you won’t have to wait until a major life circumstance hits and you are forced to make changes.  Here’s 3 tips on how to do less but get more done.

  1. Stop thinking that stress is the problem.

Yes you may very well be facing difficult circumstances. It’s how you meet those that make them more or less stressful though.

Stress is just another word to which we have given too much power. You can lessen it’s power by remembering that how stressed you feel is actually down to how you meet your circumstances.  This is a turnaround, and definitely one of the attributes of Wild Wisdom!  So it’s not that there’s a stressful situation out there – situations are just what they are. Some are more intense than others of course, some are more challenging, but you can considerably lessen how stressful they are by thinking about them in different ways. For instance, if you’ve got a lot to get done on a day, re-prioritise. There is usually very little indeed that needs to be done by a certain time; it’s just that we get attached to a plan, or are trying to be efficient, or fit too many things in.

  1. Be willing to act on inspiration. When the muse takes you, even if you can’t do anything about it in that moment, make a note (verbal or written) of something that will remind you of it, so you can come to it later.  The reason this is important is because when you create from an inspired place, it always takes less time. (You can read here more about the difference between inspired action and motivated action).

It takes practice to discover this, but here’s a story to inspire you. I had the idea just recently of creating a gift to give away to readers of my new book. The idea of it popped into my head (Grief Support Statement), I took action immediately and the content just poured out with ease. The whole thing took about half an hour, including formatting it.

  1. Set yourself a time limit and focus on the task for that time only. By doing this you’re creating a container within which your creativity can be safely unleashed. Once you’ve set the time, and are clear what the task is, take a few moments to settle in your chair. Close your eyes; let the edges of your body soften; notice your breathing. Relax. Then start your doing. This is the practical application of my mantra Stop. Be Still. Listen. And Only Then Act. When you do this, you’re opening the channels for flow to happen more easily, and when things are flowing they of course take less time.

If the back to front thinking in this article is proving hard for you to actually put into practice, and if you really WANT to work less, but produce more, then contact me.

August, traditionally a month of holidays, is not a holiday for me. Instead, I’m here to help you. 🙂 Email me with the answer to this question:

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Walking With Non-Knowing As Your Guide

It’s time for another gathering around our women’s fire and I’m feeling very called to bring a subject which I’m learning more about in my own life right now but which is also very present for many women I’m working with.

I’ve been having a rich time in the last few weeks supporting an amazing group of women in my new programme ‘Awaken Your Gift’.

One thing that is a big feature within this group as well as with many of my other clients is they’re being asked by life to face into ‘not-knowing’ and learn how to find their way ‘in the dark’.
Perhaps you are too. Whether you’re clear about your gift and where you’re heading or still discovering what it is, you may find that the practice of ‘not-knowing’ is being firmly planted at the top your to do list!
Not knowing has always been a feature of my life, it’s only my perspective that’s changed. I used to think I was a lot more in control than I ever was. I didn’t look far enough beyond the horizon of what felt safe and familiar to really see the unknown reality out ahead. And of course, the truth is that we don’t ever really know what will happen tomorrow.
But I think learning to navigate our way through the unknown goes way further than just accepting what we don’t yet know.
The fear of not knowing becomes more immediate and intense when we begin to follow our calling and take risks to move outside our comfort zone.  It becomes a practice of handing over control to a higher source of power and trusting that life is going to guide us in ways we can’t yet see (and could often never imagine).
The journey to ‘empowerment’ is a kind of conundrum as I see it. On the one hand we are being asked to take our power back and become the authors of our own lives… and on the other, we’re being asked to surrender it all up and allow the Grace of the Divine to play it’s part.
Hmmm. Interesting paradox. Or is it perhaps just different sides of the same coin?
The latter is what I’ve been exploring. I don’t claim to be an authority on not-knowing. I know others that are far more in the dark about their lives than I feel about mine. I know where I’m sleeping tonight and how I’m going to pay for the groceries next week. I have a full diary for the rest of this year and some core projects emerging for next.
But perhaps that’s why I’d like to share a little more of what’s going on for me right now, because I believe that even when we’re not forced into the night without a torch, we still need to lean consciously into not-knowing. It’s a healthy practice to let go of what we think we know and rest in the open space that allows Grace and inspiration to gift us.

If you feel inspired to join me for this live conversation around our virtual fire, please come on Tuesday 2nd December at 6.30pm GMT to: 

The Women’s Fire: “Walking with ‘not-knowing’ as your guide”

I want to share with you from my own experience:

  • How resistance to ‘not-knowing’, causes stress and too much ‘doing’​
  • How to lean into the fear of ‘not-knowing’ and allow the experience to be empowering​​
  • What it means to surrender more fully to what wants to happen and strengthen your sense of authentic self authorship.
This is an interactive call so please join me live if you can ~ I’d love to hear your experience and questions on this subject! There is also space for some coaching if you need support. Here’s the link to join in: