Changing from poor thinking to rich

At last, I am feeling better, better enough to post here.  I’ve been lost in the Land of the Black Hole, where there is no air, no space, no light.  No perspective, no love, no connection with anyone or anything else.  Along with all this goes fear.

So how did I get out of it? Continue reading

How I learnt about competition from Starbucks

I’m reading the story of Starbucks at the moment.

As you might have noticed, the chain has grown incredibly over the last few years, often opening up a shop just down the road from another ‘mom and pop’ coffee shop, or even next door.

“The cheek of it!” says my indignant British side.

But another side, the one that’s interested in people having their dreams come true, said “How did he do it?” Continue reading

RichThinking in a Recession

The world’s in a crisis.  Or at least the developed world is.  People are afraid of losing the way they’ve always lived their lives; afraid of having no money to pay for what they’ve become accustomed to; afraid of change and what it might bring. But what actually happens in a crisis, underneath all the drama? Continue reading

Panic and financial collapse

A friend told me that the other day, they’d seen someone in the supermarket arrive at the checkout with a fully loaded trolley.

When it came to putting her newspaper on the moving belt, it was as if she’d seen the headlines for the first time. ‘PANIC!’ they screamed.

He watched as she looked at this word, and then heard her say out loud ‘I don’t want to read about that!’ and promptly left the newspaper behind. Continue reading