How to Make Every Working Day a Joyous One

My friend was in tears. Her friend, whom I had met only once briefly, had died after a long and hard struggle with breast cancer.

“She was so beautiful and talented, it seems such a waste!” Megan cried. And of course it was. I reminded Megan of what her friend had said, just days before she passed away: “Never make it a labour, only make it a joy”. Continue reading

Financial Collapse, Fear and True Wealth

I was in tears and despair as I read an article about what’s been happening in America and worldwide.

I don’t usually let myself read the media, because I get too easily infected by negative things. But I had done on this occasion. Wasn’t a good feeling – but it’s resulted in these thoughts.

RichThinking is about finding your own sources of true wealth and setting your life up to experience that on a daily basis. Continue reading