There’s not enough, is there?

It would be easy in these days of the credit crunch to simply think ‘there’s not enough’ – oil, energy, money, safety, security, love, peace – I could go on.  When people focus on ‘not enough’, that’s what they tend to get, regardless of how ‘much’ there actually is.

That’s why someone who has millions still feels poor; or someone who is surrounded by security measures still doesn’t feel safe; or someone who owns oil wells that are running dry begins to feel worried and anxious about the future.  So, is there really not enough? Continue reading

RichThinking in a Recession

The world’s in a crisis.  Or at least the developed world is.  People are afraid of losing the way they’ve always lived their lives; afraid of having no money to pay for what they’ve become accustomed to; afraid of change and what it might bring. But what actually happens in a crisis, underneath all the drama? Continue reading

Financial Collapse, Fear and True Wealth

I was in tears and despair as I read an article about what’s been happening in America and worldwide.

I don’t usually let myself read the media, because I get too easily infected by negative things. But I had done on this occasion. Wasn’t a good feeling – but it’s resulted in these thoughts.

RichThinking is about finding your own sources of true wealth and setting your life up to experience that on a daily basis. Continue reading