What to Do When Fear Takes Hold of Your Business

Marion, (not her real name) who has a passive income from a couple of rental properties, was in a dilemma when she rang me for a laser session. She was in the middle of trying to find a new tenant for one of her flats, and the only applicant so far was someone who had kept promising to send references and to ring her at a certain time, but hadn’t done so. Marion was getting frustrated – she had liked the prospective tenant but this behaviour was beginning to erode her confidence in her.  They were due to meet to sign the contract, but it just wasn’t happening.  Eventually, it became clear that she would only be continuing with this person’s application out of fear that no-one else would come forward to rent the flat.

Fear. It is one of the most pervasive emotions, getting into every fibre of your being if you let it. Continue reading

5 Tips for Stopping ‘Doing’ and Starting ‘Being’

In my Step Rich Thoughts Process,  there are 2 distinct steps named Faith and Trust. What’s the difference? Faith is the bigger picture, that holds you as you explore life and all its wonders, while trust is easier seen when applied to smaller, more specific activities, actions or situations. In business, you probably know that people buy from those they like, know and trust. You can see this clearly amongst your friends and colleagues – you probably want to support them if you like what they are offering, and you show this support when you recommend a client or customer to them. But what about the balance between the old saying ‘I trust that all is well’ and taking action because you want things to happen? Continue reading

What’s the Point of Plans?

It takes a lot of courage to not have plans in your life and business. The traditional way of doing business is most definitely to have a plan, in fact it’s even called that, a business plan.  It sets out your intentions with your business, where you want to go with it, and how you think you will get there.  If you need funding to help you get started, or take your business to the next level you will almost definitely need this kind of plan. That’s understandable, as someone offering funding most likely will want to know what you ‘plan’ to do with it.

The thing about plans though is that they often don’t happen as planned! Continue reading

How Trust and Fear Play Together in Your Business

When I was a psychotherapist, I used a very simple model of exchanging my time for the clients’ money. A session was arranged, the time went by, and at the end of the hour, the client would hand over money to me, often in the form of cash. The agreement was clear – payment was being made for my time. When it was cash, any trust involved ended at the point of the cash being handed over. When payment was made by cheque, trust began immediately to operate in a far larger way – I trusted that they had the money in their bank account to honour their cheque. I trusted that the bank would do its job properly. Once again, though, when the payment had gone through the bank, the trust involved in that transaction ended.

Trust is inherent in any business, whether it is at this simple level of trading time for money, or at a more complex level of invoicing someone for your services, and waiting for them to pay you. Of course, sometimes this system doesn’t work, but most of the time it does. The people involved at all the different levels of the business simply trust that what someone has said will happen, will.

But what happens when the systems you thought you could trust fall apart? Continue reading