What to Do to Interfere with the Success of Your Business

This sounds like a mad title, doesn’t it!  But really, we all do it a lot of the time, and I came across a post of this title from 4 years ago when I was updating things for the new website (it’s coming, honestly!)  It was so interesting to read it!  I’ve made a new one, 4 years on, and invite you to do the same. 🙂

My list of things I can do that will interfere with the success of my business:  November 2009 Continue reading

Limiting yourself – where do you do it?

I have been limiting myself! Hugely! How? By not properly connecting with the work I was doing before as a trainer of Louise L. Hay’s wonderful material.

Why was I limiting myself? Because I hadn’t got in touch with the true value of what I have done in the past. Continue reading