The difference between concern and worry

Quote by sir Alex Ferguson, football manager

“There’s a difference between concern and worry. When you concern yourself, you can do something about it.  When you worry, you put yourself in the grave. I don’t worry.”

When you concern yourself with something, you relate to it. You develop a relationship with it, in fact. You can easily see the difference between concern and worry if you think about a child with whom you have a relationship – of course you concern yourself with them, that is part of the natural relationship. And you can probably identify when concern spills over into worry. Continue reading

Middle of the night worries and what to do about them

You wake up and it’s dark. Intuitively you know it’s some ungodly hour like 3.30am or something. You’re not supposed to be awake, you’re supposed to be sleeping, just like your partner who is out cold beside you. How irritating!

Somewhere inside you groan, as your mind starts to whirr about your concerns. Now you’re really awake and going over and over in your mind the problem and imagining all sorts of worst case scenarios. How come it’s always in the middle of the night that you feel the worst? Continue reading

How to feel good even though you’re in debt and why it’s so crucial

I’m the first to say that if you’re in debt you need to be doing something practical to get yourself out of debt.   There’s no point in just sitting around hoping – or even worse, continuing to rack up the debts, hoping that ‘all wil be well’, that ‘God will take care of me’, that ‘ something will happen’.

But why is feeling good while you’re in debt so  important?  Surely that goes against the grain?  In this article, I’ll tell you why if you don’t feel good, you’ll be much more likely to stay in debt than if not. Continue reading