james-kellyJane supported me with the Conference Launch of my Miracle Choice Board Game from an inspired and guided place. Her practical input and then holding me to what I had agreed resulted in my launch being hugely successful. The Conference director thought I was bringing too many games to the conference but I sold out and took orders! Jane also helped me more than double my business email list in a few months. She will help prepare you to succeed on your life’s journey.
James Kelly. Creator of Miracle Choice www.miraclechoicegame.com


Therese HicklandI worked with Jane at a low point in both my business and my personal life. Looking back on my original notes it was make or break time for the business – make it work or sell it! Jane understood the constraints that my personal life imposed on my energy and time in relation to the business. This was very important as similar ‘help’ ignores the reality of the moment. With Jane’s support the way forward embraced my constraints and worked with them. 12 months later turnover has increased year to date by 20%, with some months showing a 25% increase. Room occupancy has increased by 12% which has finally allowed me to think about re-decorating. But the increase that has brought most joy was the salary increase last month for my loyal staff. Was it worth the investment? Yes! Not only does my business have a new lease of life but I do as well!
Therese Hickland – www.healing-thyme.co.uk



Jacquie SegroveJane speaks from the heart, and encourages her clients to work from the heart, leading you down untrodden paths, gently guiding you to what connects you to your passion. She has oodles of experience and many tools to offer anyone prepared to work with spirit to help and grow your business. If you want to be connected to a new way of working then don’t hesitate to contact Jane today.
Jaquie Segrove – www.jaquiesegrove.co.uk

 Pascale“Since I’ve been working with Jane, I feel for the first time in my 16 years as a practitioner, that I have a clear sense of where I’m going. I have been more proactive: my accounts are up-to-date; I started a campaign to attract more clients and I now pay myself a salary. I would particularly recommend Jane to colleagues who would like to develop their practice in a manner which is in harmony and alignment with who they are.”
Pascale Atkinson, Reflexologist


HarrietSince I worked with Jane I have deepened my trust in letting the Spirit guide my business and whole life. I started the coaching feeling insecure that the strategy of listening to inner guidance would work in business; I also wanted  courage to step into a new global context. Having a coach with both a global and a spiritual mindset helped me to release the fears and find the deep inner trust in what I am doing.The results started to show, now I am experiencing much more that I wouldn’t previously have thought possible; business is opening up in an easy way and I am truly working with ideal clients who are in tune with my purpose.
Harriet Fagerholm http://www.cocreatelife.fi/

stacie2-150x1351“Jane, I know I’m not a client, but having worked with you for the last 3 years in your business, I notice I’ve completely shifted as a person and as an entrepreneur. Just being around you, your presence, your energy, your enthusiastic support, your understanding and compassion, and your belief I can do it, have helped me totally transform, get my act together, and start DOING it! With you actually coaching someone, the world is their oyster – only hire Jane if you are ready to GROW your business and expand your life!”
Stacie Whitney www.staciewhitney.net

100_0617-150x150“Jane helped me identify what makes my service valuable and this has given me a renewed confidence and sense of passion. Because I am now working with total integrity, clients come by personal recommendation and I’m booked up six weeks ahead! Jane’s positive support and depth of experience have been essential to me in achieving this level of commitment to my self and my business.”
Kate Friendship www.katefriendship.co.uk

“I really enjoyed the call the other night; it really helped me understand why I haven’t had as many clients as I had hoped to. Yesterday had a call from a new client who booked a 1hr massage with me and at my new price! He didn’t question it at all! I now feel more worthy about my business; that is now easier to portray to my clients because of the value I have for myself and my work.”
Kate Whorlow

Andrea“Jane Duncan Rogers is an expert at bringing spirit into business. She gently guides you to an understanding of whatever may be standing in your way, then just as gently helps you pull out the thorns of your limiting beliefs. I would recommend her with all my heart.”
Andrea Gardner www.purplefeather.co.uk

claire1-114x150“Jane knows her stuff and has a very inspiring and grounded way of teaching – matching the inner and the outer work. As a result I have raised my prices by 20% (and got it) straight away, but more importantly, I now have a method for checking in on a regular basis and knowing how to find my “right price” based on value and integrity. This in itself is priceless – thank you.”
Claire Hayes  www.clairephayes.com


Lucy TSince working with Jane I have become clear as to how to sell my service while retaining the soul of it, the importance of describing my ideal client and creating text that helps them identify themselves.    As a result of new advertisements created with Jane’s help I have had a flurry of new clients including one who is hosting my first workshop away from home.   Our dialogues have helped me step into my power and make decisions I would previously have ummed and erred over and her suggestions around receiving and maintaining clients have certainly led me to make the last 3 inquiries I’ve had into contracts.  Lucy Thomas

Emer“The difference in my wellbeing, general attitude and productivity before and after listening to the White Light meditation is staggering. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for instant relaxation to heal the body and mind.” Emer O’Leary, http://www.socialsorted.com
Emer O’Leary

images“I’ve gone from trying to make ends meet from my business to paying myself £600 and then 3 months later £1,300 and I am planning another increase. I think this has the Rich Thinkers factor! If you want to find peace, happiness and financial success the answer is work with Jane!
Julie Hart  www.juliehart.com

“As a result of the work we did together, I became much more aware of what exactly I wanted and what has to be done to achieve it, plus how to advertise and present my business, in order to be successful. I also learned about offering a great service to clients by watching the way you do it.”
Christopher Berg

MicheTetley“I’m doing well, gaining clients steadily, so things are moving in the right direction, which considering the financial climate is a really positive thing. And I’m keeping on top of my money situation. I’m so grateful to you for the support you gave me on that.”
Miche Tetley, Psychotherapist

“Jane’s ability as a coach, her understanding of her subject combined with her passion for it make working with her a must do for all small business owners or indeed anyone seeking to expand their vision and open to the universal flow of prosperity. The course helped me make some difficult decisions which opened up space for some wonderful new opportunities.”
Alexia Severis — Counsellor


Thank you for making me identify and then address my reluctance to handle my venture like a real business. Somehow you quickly and painlessly helped me understand what was really going on and I then could restock in the way we talked about.
Nicoletta Kanona, artist

“Thank you so much for the wonderful call last week. It really helped me gain clarity.”
L. Josey — Empowerment Coach & Louise Hay Workshop Facilitator

“Thank you so much for all your email newsletters. I find them so helpful and give me incentive both in my work and in my personal relationships.”
Josephine Green


“I’ve found your input and perspective very helpful and will not hesitate to get in touch when the time is right”. Claralynn Nunemaker


susanna2‘I read the free gift ‘Stop Hiding, Start Shining and Watch Your Business Blossom’ – and that gave me the courage to go and lead my first ever dance!’  susannamichaelis.co.uk