The Miracle of Money and Your Mind

I was walking through the woods last week, watching myself worrying about money and cash flow. It has been tight lately for various reasons, not least of which I have been working much less in the last year, and there have been financial effects of my husband dying.  I say watching myself, because there is a difference between worrying, and watching yourself worrying.

You may know this yourself, but if not , pay attention next time – see if you can distance yourself from the worrying story you are telling yourself by realising that it is you and only you that is doing the worrying. No-one else does it for you. When you can watch yourself, as opposed to being completely swallowed up by the worry, then you at least have a chance to shift your thoughts. Without that breathing space that comes with noticing what’s going on, you are quite simply a prisoner of your own mind.

Anyway, there I was walking along, completely oblivious to the lovely trees, the spring growth, the bubbling stream, when I caught myself telling a story about lack of money. I know enough to realise that I need to stop this immediately when I notice it – I’ve had plenty of years of fretting away, working out solutions, worrying some more, and not much has changed. But I’ve also had plenty of years of knowing that when I deliberately turn my thoughts away from those of lack to those of abundance, I can interrupt the worrying and find instead a more peaceful place.

In this instance, what I did to choose different thoughts was to use the Course In Miracles lesson “You could choose peace instead of this,” or a variation “You could replace these thoughts with ones of peace instead of these ones.”  That day, this sentence worked immediately.  I could feel a shift inside my body as I dropped out of the story of lack and into the truth inside, which was that in that moment, all was well. That allowed me to look around and appreciate the trees, the stream and the spring growth, which led to a connection again with the natural world and the wonder of that. My heart opened, and I felt steady and peaceful inside once again.

It doesn’t always happen as quickly as this.  In fact, more often than not, I have to state that sentence over and over as a direction to my mind to take that path; sometimes I visualise myself literally taking a different path in my mind’s eye.  And it takes commitment, because the worry story often lurks behind the scenes just waiting for an opportunity to move in again.

Now, here’s the really interesting bit.  Later that very day, I had notification that the new tenant in my cottage had paid in their deposit and first months rent 3 weeks before it was due. The next day I had a message from the agent of another property I own to say that because the tenants had defaulted on their rent in their last month, they were going to pay the deposit straight into my account, and not return it to them.  And finally, I am about to move into rented accommodation again and my new landlady called to tell me she didn’t want me to pay any deposit, and would I mind just adding a small amount onto the rent every month for 18 months instead.

Well.  None of these circumstances were in my money worry story!  And each one of them combined has taken care, and more, of those particular money worries.

Before you dismiss this by thinking something like ‘oh she owns several properties, it’s all right for her’ let me tell you they are all in quite severe negative equity at the moment, and it’s me that pays the mortgages, regardless of whether they are rented or not (which two of them are proving hard to do).  And also, if you have been on my mailing list for a while, you will know that although this article is about smallish amounts of money, I’ve also had huge debt which has been resolved in a miraculous way too. So it’s not about the amount of money.

Finally, something I have learnt – you cannot direct your thoughts in this way in order to get money. It doesn’t work. Believe me, I have tried! You have to do it because you simply want to free yourself of worrying (about anything) and be in a peaceful place instead – even if the outer circumstances never change. Now that takes courage, commitment and a willingness to trust. But if you are in that peaceful state, no matter what, then everything else simply does not matter as much.

So I have a challenge for you this week – when you find yourself falling into worry about anything, deliberately direct your thoughts down another path, and notice how that makes you feel. Post your comments below if you’d like to share your experiences.

19 thoughts on “The Miracle of Money and Your Mind

  1. Wow Jane, thank you I really,really needed that today.

    I have just spent an age meditating to get back to some peace as there surely are ‘worrying’ thoughts in my head, these are to do with someone totally and utterly tearing me apart.

    In my head I know that is sadly where he (stepfather) is at in his life, and another part of me is using it as evidence that I am as he said overbearing and loud. And yet, I was so totally and utterly in a space of complete and utter enjoyment and abundance of life, but it’s like – so totally hit me out of the blue that it’s become a real battle. Though I am aware to allow or disallow the negativity to take hold is totally in my hands.
    Having said that I did need to process what was being said, and see if there is any truth in any of it,and if there is – what part do I own and be responsible for.

    Now I’m a the stage where I would like my peace back, and my complete joy in life. Having read your article here now, you’ve made me more aware again, or even reiterated what I know – and will just have to keep working toward it – but still more conscienciously.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Wonderful Jane. I can just picture you walking through the woods and along by the stream. Lovely. Life will flow through us if we get out of the way and let it.

  3. Hi Jane
    Thanks so much for your newsletter and thoughts. I enjoy them always and get so much from your insights. I think it’s the honesty behind the words that comes through and that they always seem to reflect something going on in my own life.
    Thank you
    Aisling (Ireland)

  4. I had a similar insight. I can choose which energy I give my thoughts to.
    So why would I choose to be miserable. That day my dentist offered my a free white filling. A debt collector visited my home
    and left a card. I rang him.
    He Commented “strange people dont normally speak to me”. 1 in a thousand!
    He was so surprised he offered a settlement of 75% less.
    I had just been listening to syd banks saying there is no past or future only now.
    So all the past dealings I had with credit card people were not real. That peace and acceptance allowed the gifts to be presented.

    3P UK Practitioner

  5. Jane I love the way that from the start you had chosen not to identify with your worry. That choice I believe lead to you really wanting to be at peace.
    As you say it was interesting that the solution manifested in form when your focus was inner peace and not an external solution.
    Your distinctions are helpful and very very important.
    Your clarity is very helpful.

  6. I absolutely agree with you Jane on the notion of how easy it is to slip into the story of
    ‘lack’, or ‘negativity’, just yesterday someone was moaning about the rain, how depressing it was but I simply said : – “just think after all this rain has fallen how beautiful it will be and how happy the earth will be, perhaps then we won’t have a hosepipe ban.

    All it takes is a small shift of consciousness and then we’re bang in the present, appreciating all the goodness that is around us. It’s not always easy and I feel that we have to continually be mindful of how our thoughts affect us. I am learning to trust and to be patient with what is happening in my life, particularly with health & money issues.

    • Raine, you said ‘continually be mindful of how our thoughts affect us’.
      That is so true – it is the first step; without the mindfulness we cannot have the choice of changing the thoughts at all. Judgment of our thoughts interferes with the noticing of them, and any subsequent change, so non-judgmental mindfulness is the name of the day. Thanks for highlighting this.

  7. Thank you Jane. Glad you walking your path in the woods brought you peace in all ways and I am grateful for the graceful reminder.
    In Gratitude to you

  8. Jane, your thoughts were timely for me also………….I’m getting better at ‘catching myself on’ ………thanks for the reminder! Anne (Belfast)

  9. Thank you Jane, I really loved this beautifully written story about the stories we tell ourslelves! Isn’t it amazing that all we have to do is tell ourselves a DIFFERENT story , one which brings us peace – and the energy field around us shifts in alignment with that story!

  10. Hallo Jane. Lovely to read you. I have to laugh, I have been going through such money worry stories, knowing that’s what they are and telling them anyway. Great to get your reminder and to know I’m not the only one – and of course the natural world is out there, so beautiful, nourishing us all the time. glad you’re enjoying it. x x

  11. Thank you, Jane – I love the honesty of this (and it’s very relevant for me as well)! To me, the business of trusting in the universe to bring me what I need in money terms, feels like stepping out upon water – if I can keep going, keep my trust going, I choose to believe I won’t sink – and I don’t. I am aiming to improve the margins by which I don’t, which means using some useful strategies such as you have conveyed to us – and maintaining my trust and improving it…! I do like the quality and freshness of your thinking. Thank you again.

  12. Thank you Jane! It is the small hours and I am up watching myself telling myself stories and am now off to sleep with a visualisation of walking a different path. You are an inspiration and continue to enrich my life in so many ways. Much love, light & laughter, A xxxx

  13. Wow. I have commented on individuals’ posts above, but I just read them all today after a week of not being online at all, and it is wonderful to read all of them, and hear your stories. Thanks everyone 🙂 Now I’ll re-read the article and remind myself!

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