The secret success of positive thoughts

I’ve come across many, many people somewhat disgruntled with positive thinking, because they say it doesn’t work.  They’ve tried affirming for what they want, and it seems so patently ridiculous that they give up.  Mistake.  Because it’s the very thought that it’s ridiculous that holds the secret to the success of the positive thought.

Imagine yourself saying a statement such as:

My income is constantly increasing

And then listen to what you think in response to that.

If you’re spending more than your income, or if your income is static, it’s likely to be something like ‘no it isn’t’, or ‘what a lot of rubbish!’

Over the last twenty years of using affirmations in my own life, and teaching this method to others, I have always taught people to acknowledge these responses, because it is in the airing of them that their power is lessened.

It’s a bit like seeing you have some weeds in the flowerbed, and pulling them out. In order to pull them out, you have to realise they are there, and sort out which ones you want to keep and which ones get to stay. This is exactly the same with positive thinking. From your responses to the positive thought, you get to see which ones are causing damage and need to go, and which are innocuous and don’t matter.

When you release the blocks getting in the way of truly believing ‘my income is constantly increasing’ regardless of whether it physically is or not, then you can make that statement as if it were true right in the moment. This is when your energy then begins to line up with the statement, there is congruence, everything begins to flow, and you start to feel abundant and prosperous.

But it takes patience to get this far; patience, persistence and practice.

Without that you become just one of the many people who know the theory, and even agree with it, but because you’re not practicing it with full understanding and a determination to see the process through, are one of the disgruntled and disillusioned ones.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there.  Many times. And therefore have discovered that it is only in the  practice that we become what we truly say we want to be. Rich thinking teaches these principles and allows you to become a master of your thoughts and feelings, leading to much more health, wealth and happiness.

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