There’s not enough, is there?

It would be easy in these days of the credit crunch to simply think ‘there’s not enough’ – oil, energy, money, safety, security, love, peace – I could go on.  When people focus on ‘not enough’, that’s what they tend to get, regardless of how ‘much’ there actually is.

That’s why someone who has millions still feels poor; or someone who is surrounded by security measures still doesn’t feel safe; or someone who owns oil wells that are running dry begins to feel worried and anxious about the future.  So, is there really not enough?

Clearly, there are consequences when there is not enough.  Not enough food, water or shelter can cause death.  But I’m really addressing the developed world here, which actually has plenty of these things, but finds itself still feeling poor in many aspects.

But these are huge questions, and frankly, most people, me included, can’t get their heads around them.  But when I bring it back down to basics such as realizing that the developed world is actually just a bunch of individuals like you and me, living their lives alongside each other more or less successfully, then I can begin to think about questions like:  what is enough?

What if you believed there was enough? What if what you have already is enough?

Instead of trying to get more money to service your lifestyle, or trying to get a better job to provide more for the family, maybe ‘more’ isn’t the answer.

In your own world, you can determine what is enough for you.  People are doing this all over the place at the moment, it’s called ‘cutting back’.  But perhaps they’re actually getting their priorities right.  Maybe they really don’t need a bigger TV or a new car.

Maybe the premise on which they bought these before was faulty.  Maybe they can find they’re just as happy with what they’ve got, instead of disgruntled with what they haven’t got.  Maybe, even if they have to sell some of their ‘stuff’, just maybe, that could be a good thing.

I believe global warming and oil shortages are the world’s way of pulling us up short, inviting us to think again about this inter-related system we are part of, and now the financial crisis is doing the same.

How much more is needed before the human race starts thinking about the source of true wealth – which is in our minds?  True wealth is not about how much you can have of anything; it’s not about comparing yourself to your neighbour or to another country; it’s not about actions that are based in fear and greed.

True wealth is about understanding what our priorities are, for instance, health of ourselves and our family (and dare I mention the planet as well?); it’s about being part of a community to which we can contribute and share with; it’s about understanding that the thoughts we have in our mind get enacted in the world, so we’d better start changing those thoughts to something more loving, kind and peaceful, towards ourselves and others, if we want to create those conditions in our immediate lives, in the lives of those around us, and therefore our world.

I believe that now, more importantly than ever before, is the time to start thinking in a truly rich manner.  By doing this, instead of being stuck in an anxious prison within your mind, always trying to get more, or ‘have enough’,  you’ll begin to notice what you have got and feel good about it; you’ll begin to notice opportunities you hadn’t seen before; and you might even begin to feel glad that you haven’t got the pressures that come associated with the ‘there’s not enough’ lifestyle.


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