Three Practical Tips for Great, Heartfelt Copywriting

Wouldn’ t it be wonderful if, when people read your brochure, or your webpage, flier or article, that they felt excited, enthusiastic, and then said ‘yes’ to whatever you wanted them to do?  It IS possible, and you can make it happen much easier when you know just a few of the copywriting secrets applied by all the big names.  Here’s the first one:

1. Use You instead of We
On a forum the other day I was reading someone’s article – he was excited because it was his first one and he’ d just had it accepted by  It was a great first attempt, and yet it would have been made much better if the author had only changed one word, which had been repeated several times.  It was the word ‘we’.  It is so easy to write including yourself in the copy in this way.  Here’ s an example of what I mean:

“By definition the Law of Attraction means like attracts like. It doesn’t discriminate and decide what is best for us. It gives us exactly what we are “putting out there.”  The unintentional thinking and talking we do everyday when we are frustrated, sad, worried, angry, annoyed or stressed has everything to do with attracting more of what we DO NOT like into our life experience.”

Notice how you feel as you read this. Does it speak to you? Do you know what is being talked about? Do you feel preached at, or lectured – or invited and as if it is something you can identify with?

Now read the same paragraph, but this time I’ve substituted ‘we’ with ‘you’:

“By definition the Law of Attraction means like attracts like.  It doesn’t discriminate and decide what is best for you. It gives you exactly what you are “putting out there.”  The unintentional thinking and talking you do everyday when you are frustrated, sad, worried, angry, annoyed or stressed has everything to do with attracting more of what you DO NOT like into your life experience.”

It’ s different, isn’ t it?

In the holistic market, I often see this mistake and one of the reasons it happens is because when you own the word ‘you’ , you have to start being an author in the true sense, ie showing a sense of authority about what you do.  And that can be very scary for some people.  It certainly was for me when I started learning about this.  In fact, the whole process of writing good copy was one of my steps in my personal Stairway of Success journey.  I really had to step up and own the message I was wanting to put out.

If you find that you are falling into this trap, then I urge you to try out a simple experiment. Write your usual copy as you normally would, and then replace any words like ‘we’, ‘us’ or even ‘I’ with ‘you’.  Imagine you are writing for just one person, and write to them.  If you find yourself having squirmy feelings, that’s OK, they go along with you stepping up to the next level.  Keep practicing and they will recede as you get used to writing in a slightly different way.  Then see how it makes you feel when you read it out loud – and that’s the next tip.

2 . Read it out loud
This is such a simple idea and yet is revolutionary.  When you read what you’ve written out loud, you can hear where it sounds ‘off’, or where you need to put in or take out a word, or rearrange a sentence.  It takes just a little time, and yet can make a huge difference.  You can read out loud to someone else, or you can just read to yourself.  Get into the habit of doing this and see the difference it makes to your copy.

Ok, now these two tips are definitely from some of the copywriting experts out there. But this next one is a bit more unusual:

3 . Get into an inner state of peace before you begin to write
Again this is about taking time, just like Tip #2.  When you stop before you start, or press the pause button on your tendency to steam ahead, or just take a moment to be more conscious before you start a task, you are actively inviting in the presence of Spirit.  Actually, that presence is there all the time, but is usually hidden behind layers and layers of unconscious thoughts and behaviour.  But when you pause, be still, take a few minutes to enter into a peaceful place inside you, then you give yourself the opportunity to be assisted in your writing by your Higher Self, God, the Universe or whatever you call it – and that really can transform your writing!  Easier said than done, of course.  But making a commitment to stopping before acting is certainly going to make being assisted a lot more likely than simply steaming ahead in solo fashion with your next job.

If you put these tips into practice, post below and share what happens for you.

5 thoughts on “Three Practical Tips for Great, Heartfelt Copywriting

  1. Talk about snychronicity. I drafted a blurb recently and went back and changed all the ‘you’s to ‘we’s.. It’s still in draft. I’ll change them back again!! much love for your wisdom and willingness to share it. x

  2. If you’re writing in the presence of spirit then you are working in the presence of spirit. Being in that place is bringing spirit into your business, at which point your business becomes soulful and reflects your authentic self. You are then loving what you do and doing what you love, and that will shine through not just in your copy but in every aspect of your business.
    Bless you Jane. X

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