Upheaval, change and uncertainty

Mmm. Not entirely sure that having a holiday, moving house within 2 days of return, and then off again a week later to England for my husband’s operation is the easiest way to do things for a business, or for a life for that matter!

But that is what is happening – and it is producing lots of opportunities for me to practice asking for help, letting go and embracing uncertainty.

A particular experience of this was letting go around the kitchen on moving day. We had a crowd of our friends to help,  and two of the women offered to unpack the boxes in the kitchen.  Now this would normally be a job I enjoy doing, and feel quite territorial about. But this time I practiced ‘letting go’ – that is, letting them put things away in cupboards, using their intuition’; I practiced uncertainty as we really did not know when we would get online again; and I practiced receiving help from all our friends.

Result? The move went amazingly smoothly, we had fun, and I relished the letting go!  So if you identify with this, whether in house moves, or in your business, my recommendation today is to try out:

a) asking for help

b) receiving it

c) letting go of something you’d normally do to another person

And see what happens!

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