Want To Stand Out? Here’s A Unique Way…

‘Walk slowly amongst the crowd so you stand out’.

These words were heard from an inner voice that is constantly there when this body called Jane goes slowly enough to hear it. They were part of a much longer message I took down some months ago, and as I’m on the island of Erraid being forced to slow down by illness, I thought I’d share them.

The message is the opposite of what is thought by us humans, who believe that to stand out you need to be at the top of your profession, become a celebrity, have plenty of money, be inordinately successful at something, be outrageous in some way, or just be different.

But in fact all of that is the wrong way round. In a world where rushing is the norm, and where the 3rd world is desperate to catch up with the 1st world, the only answer, the sole answer, is to slow down.

Slow …… down…..

Yes, just do that right now, while reading this.  Watch what happens. (And if you don’t slow down, or even stop, then that’s OK!  But if you do, just notice what happens to your breathing, your attention, and how you feel from the inside out. You may be surprised).

One very, very simple way of slowing down is with your walking. The natural movement of the body. Begin to notice what it feels like to walk, to place your foot in front of another. To feel the earth beneath your feet. To breathe in as you place one foot down, to breath out as you place the other.

Begin to notice how others’ walk.  How their bodies are being held.  Whether they are in contact with the earth, or appearing to float above it in some way.  Notice the energetic tension that appears as people rush, hurry and speed from one thing to the next.

Notice it in yourself too. And choose today to bring a momentary gap into that rushing.

A moment when you simply stop.

Do it right now. Yes. When you consciously choose this, you are returning home in that moment.  Actually, you have never left, but you think you have, hence the rushing to get somewhere. The irony is you only get there when you stop going wherever you think you are going.

So stop long enough to look and see that where you want to be, you already are.

Here. Right now. Right here. Present in Presence itself.

6 thoughts on “Want To Stand Out? Here’s A Unique Way…

  1. Couldn’t agree more Jane. Going for a walk is my favourite way of slowing down and getting in touch with “me’, whether it be mindful walking or out for a walk in the woods or on the beach. Illness also forced me to slow down, but now I try to be much more conscious of the need to de-accelerate. Not always easy to remember in the middle of a mad rush to get things done but so important to do. I enjoy your reflections.

  2. This resonates with me a lot. ‘Slow’ was my word of the year in 2012. Taking time to be in that gap is really important, isn’t it? We can get so used to rushing that we forget there’s even a gap there! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. Lovely reflections, Jane. I found myself falling into step with you as I read. I’ve just come out to my bach for 3 nights & part of 4 days to do exactly that: to slow down. I always enter a more gentle rhythm out here and feel very fortunate to have a place in nature that cues me into a different pace so easily. My favourite thing is to take bare-footed walks. It’s getting a little cold for that now, but we’ll see. Connecting with the earth, mindfully, is so important. Thank you for your gracious presence on the web.

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