Why the Law of Attraction Just Isn’t Enough for those Passionate About What They Do

I’d really like to debunk a few myths about the so-called Law of attraction. I don’t know who came up with the idea of calling it this in the first place, but it has certainly been brought into a more mainstream audience by the film The Secret, first promoted way back in 2006.

Those of you who have seen The Secret will probably either love it or hate it,at least most of my friends fell into those categories. Mainly because the focus seemed to be about ‘getting stuff’, and that emphasis was just too much for them. It’s true that that film appeared to focus on the element in the LOA about ‘getting stuff’. But the essence of this philosophy is about much, much more than getting material items.

The Secret distills the principles behind this way of thinking into 3 categories, Ask, Believe, Receive. So in theory, you are supposed to state what you want to the Universe, Believe you will get it, and then simply Receive it. Dead easy. Well, you’ll probably have already realised there is quite a lot more to the Law of Attraction than that!

To be honest, that’s why I don’t really like calling it the Law of Attraction. It’s a bit like those words ‘God’ or ‘meditation’ – they mean quite different things to different people. What I say about the LOA may not be at all what someone else says. Hence also the confusion when what you practice sometimes seems to work, and sometimes doesn’t.

I have used the principles of ‘like attracting like’, and ‘you get what you think about’, and ‘ thoughts create things’; and as most of you will know I am a huge fan of Louise Hay, who is really clear about how your thoughts create your reality. And I’ve used these ideas very successfully – and sometimes unsuccessfully.

My biggest success was when I was wanting to sell my health clinic. Because it needed a new home, I was just selling the goodwill of the business, and I had a lot of people telling me it was impossible, that the right premises would never be found, that no-one would take it on, and it would just have to close. Using some of the principles of LOA plus a few other practical things, I did indeed find a buyer and new premises. OK, success.

But I’ve also been unsuccessful using the very same techniques, specifically I remember not being able to sell my house in the timeline and for the money I wanted to receive. So what is it that goes on here? How come sometimes it appears to work and other times it doesn’t?

This is one of the things I’ll be talking about more on my free teleclass ‘Why the Law of Attraction is just not enough for those passionate about what they do.’ And it’s a large part of the content of The RichThinking Way. Because one thing I’ve realised in my 52 years on the planet is this: yes, your thoughts contribute to your reality (see my book Choose Your Thoughts, Change Your Life); yes, like tends to attract like; but no, we are not in control of everything around us.

I realise this idea might not be very popular with some people! And you never know, I might be wrong. But this is my understanding at the current time.

I wish sometimes that I was in control of outcomes – but the truth is, at least in my experience, that I can follow the ideas of LOA, I can align my thoughts, feelings and actions, be connected, joined up and spiritually aware – and STILL I am not in control of everything!

It is a very humbling thing to admit this, and still somewhat distasteful to me, but that’s what we’ll be talking about more on this call. So if you feel moved to join me in this class, please register here. You can email me questions as well, and I’ll do my best to bring them up in the call.

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